There are 3 ways you can support the BHS Alumni Association with your tax deductible contributions: (1) by becoming a member*; (2) by making a donation, (3) or by advertising your business in the Newsletter.  


*Bylaws:   Membership is open to all former students, educators, and employees of Bothell High School. Annual dues are owed by August 31st of each calendar year.

Click on the PDF icon to open the membership form.  Print and complete the form.  Mail it to the address on the form.  If you can't open PDFs, and don't want to contribute online (below) using PayPal, go to the "Contacts" page to send an email to the association asking for a form to be emailed to you.  Or call the Alumni Association for help at telephone number 425-488-8260.

Join, Donate, or Buy advertisement by mail:

Join online:

Click on the  yellow "Buy Now" button next to the level of membership you want.  You will be taken to the secure PayPal account for the Alumni Association.  A message will be sent by PayPal to the Alumni Membership Coordinator detailing your purchase.  You can use your PayPal funds if you have an account, or enter as guest and pay with a credit card.

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1 Year Membership $20 .........................

2 Year Membership $35 ($5 discount)............

3 Year Membership $50 ($10 discount)...........

Donate online:

You may donate by mail using the membership form (pdf) attached above, or donate through our secure PayPal account.  After you click on the Donate button to the right, a PayPal page will open.  Follow the instructions on the PayPal page.  Clicking the button does not commit you.  Unfortunately, there is no message field in PayPal to designate the donation "in Memory of."  If you wish to make a donation in memoriam, please either use the mail-in form above, or let us know by sending a corresponding email regarding your donation using the email form on the "Contact" page.  

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