Over 100 Years of Tradition

High School students have been graduating in Bothell, Washington since 1912, but the first dedicated High School wasn't opened until 1923. The Alumni Association works to preserve the history of the school by archiving photos, yearbooks, graduation programs, and news articles.

The first graduating class of 1912, doing their play on Women's Rights. Harriet Wray-teacher, Carrie Ross, Sarah Simonds, Merle Olin, Erma Olin, and Nina Beckstrom.

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Volunteers are the glue that keeps the organization running.


Many of the current volunteers have been serving on the Board for 20 years or more, and new energy and ideas are needed. 


If you have a passion for school history, community or philanthropy, please consider attending a meeting to learn more about what the Association does or look at our ABOUT or ORGANIZATION pages on this site.  


Every year the Association awards two scholarships to graduating Seniors to help them further their education. 

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