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President's Welcome

I am new to the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and I continue to be amazed by how much the organization has accomplished, since it was founded in 1994.  Twenty-nine scholarships have been awarded to deserving Bothell High School seniors helping them with their college or technical school expenses.  Beginning last year, the Association decided to increase the award fund, and will now be offering two scholarships each year.  I look forward to helping the organization grow in membership, so that we can continue to provide scholarships and alumni events for many more years to come.  To learn more about BHSAA, go to our Organization page.


Al Nelson

​Al Nelson, Class of 1982
President Board of Directors

  Vision and Mission
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Vision  Communicate with alumni, students, and staff; support scholarships; and preserve the history of Bothell High School.

Mission  To foster a network of proud students and alumni who preserve school history and support higher education.

School History
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Bothell has been graduating high school students since 1912, but the first dedicated high school wasn't built until 1922, and opened in downtown Bothell in 1923 next to where McMenamins Anderson School Hotel is located.  

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