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The first Cougar Tracks Alumni newsletter was issued in May of 1995, and was quite an accomplishment considering that most of the volunteers didn't have computers at home back then.  Many of us were still using electric typewriters, and we didn't have access to clip-art on the internet, so graphic images were hand-drawn or cut and paste.  The Association publishes two issues each year.  The most recent four issues are reserved for our members and are kept on a password protected page called Recent Newsletters.  Issues are made available to the public two years after their original publication.  See the column to the right for the publicly available issues.  To open an issue, double-click on the blue cougar tracks icon.  If you want to join so you receive recent newsletters, go to the Membership page.


Last Founding BHSAA Member is Passing the Torch
Volume 29 Issue 2 December 2023 by Dawnmarie DesJardins Class of 1985

Much to our dismay, at the end of 2023, Bev Niemeyer Schmer, class of 1967, and the last founding member of the Bothell High School Alumni Association, will be stepping down from BHSAA and entrusting new members and volunteers to carry on what she started more than thirty years ago.


On November 18, 1993, the very first meeting of what would later become the Bothell High School Alumni Association was called to order by Bev. There were fifteen alumnae in attendance with graduates from the class of 1931 to the class of 1989. Bev’s agenda was specific: 1) Find – creating a central listing of the alumni, 2) Resource – of information on previous reunions, and 3) Homecoming – help plan and participate in the alumni portion. We still have a copy of those minutes, and the ideas envisioned the association would be:

  • Membership fee will include a newsletter and booklet

  • Scholarship fund

  • Possible this could be a branch of Bothell High Booster Club

  • Help unite the community


Thanks to Bev and her volunteers, many of those original ideas are still in place today. You’re reading the second issue of twenty-nine years of the BHSAA newsletter. The BHSAA continues to award two scholarships each year to deserving seniors. We’ve worked closely with the Booster Club and strive to keep alumnae informed of what’s happening in the community, keeping their ties to Bothell strong, no matter where our graduates now live.

Members can read the rest of this article and the December issue by clicking on the Recent Newsletters button and entering the December password.  If you are not a member, you can join now by clicking on the JOIN tab above. You will also be able to read other recent issues.

Cougar Tracks 2014-2021


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JUNE 2023, Volume 29, Issue 1

Feature Story:  Bothell Grad is Third in Line to the U.S. President

Patty Murray Photo.jpg

On January 3, 2023, U.S. Senator Patty (Johns) Murray made history by becoming the first woman to hold the position of President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate.  The position is third in the line of succession to the President of the United States, but for four days Patty was the second in line, because the Speaker of the House hadn’t been chosen yet.  After being sworn into office by Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Murray climbed the steps to the President of the Senate’s desk, while noticeably wearing her signature tennis shoes.  

DECEMBER 2022, Volume 28, Issue 2
Feature Story:  Recollections of a BHS Centenarian

Edith Andersen Gossan, BHS class of 1939, was born November 12, 1920, to Christian and Elise Marie Nielsen Andersen in Manson Iowa. Yes, that is right she is 102 and one of our oldest Association members. By no means “old,” this lady is a true delight and with a twinkle in her eye, she tells me her story. She is the youngest of four, Helen Andersen McMahon, ’36 (dec.); Edwin, ’38, and Harold ’43; all graduating from BHS. She arrived here on a train with her family at the age of three. They were relocating due to her father’s health. Edith remembers the train ride; she had a coloring book and crayons that kept her busy through it all. Soon after arriving here, her father found their property and built their first home. It was just past the Hollywood Poultry Farm on Hollywood Hills. The house, barn and outbuildings are still standing today. The property remained in the family until 2020, when it was sold after Helen Andersen McMahon and then her son Jeff, passed away. 

Class of 1967 lunch at a cabin on the Skykomish River.

JUNE 2022, Volume 28, Issue 1

BHS Ladies Who Lunch:  The feature story for the spring issue is about ladies from two BHS classes who keep in touch by meeting for lunch throughout the year.  Ladies from the class of 1967 starting meeting for lunch in 2014, and ladies from the class of 1966 started holding their luncheons following their 50th Reunion in 2016.  Both groups meet two or three times a year, sometimes at a restaurant, or sometimes for a potluck at a class member's home.  

March Luncheon at Nancys 66.jpg

Class of 1966 lunch at a class member's home.

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