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The first Cougar Tracks Alumni newsletter was issued in May of 1995, and was quite an accomplishment considering that most of the volunteers didn't have computers at home back then.  Many of us were still using electric typewriters, and we didn't have access to clip-art on the internet, so graphic images were hand-drawn or cut and paste.  The Association publishes two issues each year.  The most recent four issues are reserved for our members and are kept on a password protected page called Recent Newsletters.  Issues are made available to the public two years after their original publication.  See the column to the right for the publicly available issues.  To open an issue, double-click on the blue cougar tracks icon.  If you want to join so you receive recent newsletters, go to the Membership page.


December 2020 Volume 26, Issue 2
Yakima Fruit Market Takes a Stand and WINS!, is the title of the feature story that was written by Kathy Greenwood, BHS Class of 1966.  Sound Transit was talking about widening Bothell Way by 25 feet in front of the market in order to make way for a new rapid transit bus lane and sidewalks.  There are also articles in memory of Bothell Coach Dee Hawes who passed away in September, and in tribute to Bothell Police Officer Jonathan Shoop who was killed in the line of duty last July.  If you have interesting stories to share about Bothell Alumni, or know about interesting events at the High School or in town, please contact us.
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Yakima Fruit Market & Nursery

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Bridged and Marty Atkins

June 2020 Vol. 26, Issue 1

"Oh, the Places You'll Go," is the title of the feature story that was submitted by Bridged Meehan Atkins, BHS Class of 1985.  In the article, Bridged talks about how she met her husband Marty at Canyon Park Junior High, and about their lives together after they married and had children.  Eventually they ended up traveling and teaching abroad in out of the way places like Kathmandu. It's an interesting read.  The most recent four issues are usually available to Association members only, but because of production issues due to the Corona virus, the Board decided to open it up to everyone to enjoy.  If you would like to receive issues when they are released, please consider becoming a member.  Thirty percent of membership funds go towards scholarships.


BHSAA 2020 Board of Directors

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December 2019 Vol. 25, Issue 2

The feature article, "Alumni Volunteers Rescue Association" is about the alumni from classes of 1971, 1982, 1984, and 1985 who volunteered to join the Board of Directors thereby keeping the Association from dissolving.  Most of the previous board members had been serving the organization for many years, some since it was founded in 1994, and they were ready to retire.  Also retiring from her role as Newsletter Editor is Carole Wikel Johnson, Class of 1967.  Carole has been publishing the Cougar Tracks Newsletter for 25 years.  Taking her place will be DawnMarie Swanberg DesJardins from the class of 1985.  This issue is only available to members on the Recent Newsletters page which is password protected.



2020 Board of Directors
June 2019 Vol. 25, Issue 1

The feature article entitled, "BHS Alumnus Creates a Puget Sound Legacy," is about Duke Moscrips who graduated from Bothell in 1962.  Duke started college thinking he wanted to become a doctor, but found that he was more interested in the business world and became a stockbroker.  Over his many businesses lunches, Duke acquired an interest in the restaurant business, and in 1972 became a silent partner in Ray's Boathouse in Ballard.  Ray's was very successful, so eventually, Duke was able to branch out on his own by opening Duke's Bar and Grill on Queen Anne hill.  He now has seven popular restaurants in the greater Seattle area.  To read more about Duke's life, you will need to join the Association. As a member, you will receive two issues a year.

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Duke Moscrips and Grandkids

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Bridged and Marty Atkins BHS 1985

Cougar Tracks 2012-2018


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DECEMBER 2018 Vol. 24 Issue 2

Feature story "Without New Blood, BHSAA May Become "History"

JUNE 2018 Vol. 24 Issue 1

Feature story - Annette "Ross" Eaton honored with McMaster Heritage Award.

DECEMBER 2017 Vol.23 Issue 2

Feature story - BHS Alumnus Inducted into the WIAA Hall of Fame.

JUNE 2017 Vol. 23 Issue 1
Feature story - "Large Family" Takes on New Meaning.

DECEMBER 2016 Vol. 22 Issue 2
Feature story- Bothell Fire Unites Community.

JUNE 2016 Vol. 22 Issue 1
Feature story - The Rescue of Bobbin 5 * Major Arnie Clark

DECEMBER 2015 Vol. 21 Issue 2
Feature Story - Remembering Sara Simonds Green

JUNE 2015 Vol. 21 Issue 1
Feature story - The last Policewoman


DECEMBER 2014 Vol. 20 Issue 2
Feature story - "These Sticks are Made for Walking"


JUNE 2014 Vol. 20 Issue 1
Feature story - Following a Mission of Music

DECEMBER 2013 Vol. 19, Issue 2

Feature - McMenamins Goes "Old School"

JUNE 2013 Vol. 19, Issue 1

Feature - BHS Alumnus Puts the 
"Bad Guys" Away

DECEMBER 2012 Vol. 18, Issue 2

Feature -2012 All-Alumni Picnic.

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