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​Each year, the Alumni Association awards two scholarships to deserving Bothell High School graduating seniors to help with their expenses for college or technical school.  The Association's scholarship committee works through the Scholarship Foundation of Northshore in making those selections.  Students apply through the Foundation, and applications are forwarded to the Association's committee for review.  The committee interviews candidates and awards the scholarships based on both community service and scholastic achievement. 


Scholarship recipients by year are on the Awards page. 



Alysa Coyne.jpg

Alysa Conye is this year’s four-year scholarship recipient. She has taken advantage of Running Start, a program that allows high school juniors and seniors to take college courses and earn both high school and college credits, to subsidize the cost of her undergraduate years but she will still have five-plus years of schooling to achieve her goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. Alysa has been involved in orchestra and teaching violin to younger students. She has also been a karate instructor at her dojo where she aims to develop her students' knowledge of karate and their awareness of their surroundings.

Jasmine Cruz has been selected for the 2023 vocation scholarship. She is the first in her family to graduate from high school and already knows she wants to be a dental hygienist. She took a dental assistant class her junior year and loved it. She has worked at HealthPoint as well as a retirement home and enjoys helping people in the community.  Jasmine’s art teacher, Elizabeth O’Boyle wrote, “She has a unique ability to bring people together, an approachable quality about her that is at the same time very honest and capable.” 

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Number of awards: 2 per year

Award value:  $4500 each

Applications due in March 15.

Fields of Study: 

(1) General Studies

(1) Vocational/Technical

Criteria:  Someone who is active in bettering the school and who has been active in community involvement.

Every Accomplishment Starts With A 

Decision to Try.

President John F. Kennedy

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